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1999 Owl Camera Shots

Shari led us on another great rafting weekend 17/18 July 99 at Owl Rafting on the Ottawa R.  This time some of us did the "kayak" scene.  Well they weren't really kyaks...more miniature 2-man rafts.  While the new experience was great some of us wished for a try at the more difficult channel.  For those needing exercise, there was lots of paddling.

Below are some great camera shots of the 1999 Owl Trip.  Click each thumbnail to see the full size picture, then use your Web browser's Back button to return to this page.

P1999_1.jpg (92533 bytes)          P1999_2.jpg (76383 bytes)          P1999_3.jpg (76424 bytes)   P1999_4.jpg (85213 bytes)   P1999_5.jpg (83162 bytes)

P1999_6.jpg (71191 bytes)   P1999_7.jpg (76014 bytes)   P1999_8.jpg (67650 bytes)   P1999_9.jpg (75508 bytes)   P1999_10.jpg (65298 bytes)

P1999_11.jpg (67943 bytes)   P1999_12.jpg (88506 bytes)   P1999_13.jpg (79109 bytes)   P1999_14.jpg (76857 bytes)   P1999_15.jpg (73723 bytes)

P1999_16.jpg (72594 bytes)   P1999_17.jpg (67924 bytes)   P1999_18.jpg (72812 bytes)   P1999_19.jpg (74045 bytes)   P1999_20.jpg (68558 bytes)

P1999_21.jpg (70679 bytes)   P1999_22.jpg (78009 bytes)   P1999_23.jpg (64373 bytes)          P1999_24.jpg (73536 bytes)


Messages Posted to the Webpage

Message from Victoria at - Tue Jul 20 09:37:14 1999

I Was there! Just wanted to say Hey - Wasn't that a Blast? I wasn't with your wild and crazy group but I met you all! I was with 3 other friends one was referred to as Gilligan and my name is Victoria, this was my first time and had an awesome time. Would like to repeat the trip next year with all interested party people from where I work at the Town of Richmond Hill. Nice talking to you. When will this years pictures be expected to appear on your site?


Message from Larry H at - Sat Jul 24 08:19:17 1999 Victoria Hi Victoria...glad you found us. God this is the worse maintained site around. The pictures will get there eventually as well as planning for next year. Check again in a few weeks.


Message from Wes at - Sat Jul 24 19:27:27 1999

YeeHaw And let the record show - ' the 1999 trip was a success ! '


Message from Woody at - Thu Aug 05 15:45:40 1999

Bus Let's rent a school bus and driver to transport everybody from the GTA... That way we can party on the bus ride up etc!


Message from Janis Duench at - Fri Aug 20 13:19:46 1999

Hatt Family Tree Great job Larry! This one is easier and nicer looking than the original.


Message from Shar at - Sun Aug 22 16:14:12 1999

Pictures I have the 5 prints of the pictures developed. I'll try and get them to everyone ASAP. Woody - I like the bus idea.... Pumped for 2000. Great Web Page Dad.

. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Message from Larry L. Hatt at - Sun Sep 26 11:22:06 1999

Who is the real Larry Hatt My brother stumbled across your site. My son is Lawrence L. Hatt. I didn't see where you are located. We are in Indiana.


Message from Larry Hatt at - Mon Sep 27 09:00:53 1999

The Real One Well I suppose we are all Real. This site is located in Nepean, Ontario, Canada near Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.


Message from Jan Sykes (nee Hatt) at - Tue Apr 11 16:17:09 2000

Hatt geneology Just a quick note to say Hi! from British Columbia - e-mail


Message from flummi at - Mon Jun 05 03:59:20 2000

i love hatt's Hellö all ya m[bleep]ers i jöst wånna säj that this really whale