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Year 2000
Photos  ( Item Archives Below )

Jul 30 - Aug 24 Ottawa, Toronto, Humber Valley Hospital Olivia, Oliver, House, Jan, Family at Mac's birth
Aug 24 Humber Valley Hospital Mac, Parents and Grand Parents
Aug 26 Humber Valley Hospital Mac et al, GG Hatt
Aug 26 Oakville, Ottawa, Toronto Shari, Terry, Mac, Laura, GG Hatt
Aug 26 - Sep 02 Oakville, Ottawa, Toronto Laura, Shar, Ter, Mac, Jan, Lar, GG Hatt, Tess, Lucy
Sep 02 - Sep 16 Oakville, Ottawa, Toronto Shar, Ter, Mac, Papa, Olivia, Lorrie, GG Hatt, Wes, Sarah
Sep 16 - Sep 23 Ottawa, Oakville, Toronto Wes, Sarah, Mac, Shar, Ter, Papa, Monaco, Jack, Shelley, Woody, Lisa, G Cansfield BD, Barbara, Bill, RoseMary
Sep 23 Toronto Shelley, Woody Engagement
Sep 23 - Oct 09 Oakville, Wallaceburg Jan, Mac, Nicole, Chris, Larry, GG Patterson,
Oct 09 - Oct 21 Oakville, Nepean Mac 1st Nepean visit
Oct 21 - Nov 12 Nepean, Florida Wes' Birthday
Nov 12 - Nov 19 Florida, Oakville Jan, animals, Ter, Mac
Nov 19 - Nov 22 Oakville, Nepean Mac & Moma to Nepean
Nov 22 - Dec 2 Nepean Mac & Moma at Papas, GJan's office, Systemscope move, Mac leaves, 
Dec 2 - Dec 24 Nepean Nicole/Chris visit, Wes & Sarah, Bob & Joan, G Patterson
Dec 24 - Dec 25 Nepean, Oakville Mac, Wes, Sarah, Lisa, Quintin,
Dec 25 - Dec 30 Toronto, Nepean Xmas at Lorrie's, Kaylee, Sarah BD,GG Patterson, Jan
Dec 31 Nepean, Wallaceburg  NY Dinner & Church
1999 Owl Rafting 1998 Owl Rafting  

Item Archives

Milestone Photos - major photos from year 2000

●  Family Pictures reorganized under Photo Gallery (03Nov00)
Pics of Wes' BD party with Olivia added

●  Power failure - server down 8Oct 1837hr to 9Oct 1500hrs (away so no reset until got home)

●  Woody and Shelly are engaged: Wedding - May-June 2001. See Announcement. Celebration Party 23 Sep. (7Sep00)

●  Macgregor Dodsworth now has his own web site! Click here. (1Sep00)

●  Macgregor Garry Dodsworth arrives! (24Aug00) see pics

●  Nicole and Chris see "Technical Stuff" for your network hookup information 

●  15Aug00:0118-1507hrs - Hydro failure at 0118 and system not rebooted until return from Toronto at

●  6&8Aug00 - Site recovered from 5&8 Aug Server Crash . Both these crashes required a complete reinstall of Windows 2000 Professional which    hosts this site.  The first one was caused by the C:\ boot drive becoming corrupted as a result of running the system bus at 83mhz, briefly, during a trouble shooting session.  Lesson: don't do that again.  The second one was caused by installing the Microsoft SP1 patch to Windows 2000; the result was the "blue screen of death" with no capability for recovery.  Solution was to reload Windows 2000 Professional.  Lesson: forget SP1 for now; who needs it!

●  See Shari at 9 Months in Milestone Photos (8Aug00)

●  Added 1999 Rafting Pictures (26Jul00)

●  Added 1998 Rafting Pictures back in (25Jul00)

●  Visitor Comment area added (25Jul00)


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Esprit Rafting 2000