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Year 2001

Photos  ( Item & Slideshow Archives Below )

Dec 26 Oakville Mac and Friend
Dec 25 Mississauga, Oakville Pearson Xmas, Hatt Xmas
Dec 16 - Dec 25 Oakville, Mississauga Milestone Party, Pearson Xmas
Dec 14 - Dec 16 Oakville; Old Pics from Slides Milestone Party
Dec 02 - Dec 14 Oakville; Old Pic from Slides Shar, Wes, Lar, Mom Hatt, Trev, Laura, Jean/Sam
Nov 14 - Dec 02 Oakville;Florida; Oakville Lar BD, Florida floor, Shar BD
Oct 31 - Nov 14 Oakville; Hamilton Mac, Shar/Ter, D'Arcy,Trev Shaw
Oct 28 - Oct 31 Terry Hockey; Halloween(Mac!) Mac, Shelly, Laura
Aug 25 - Oct 28 Oakville, Mac 1st BD - 3; Ottawa The Cake; BUC Christening;Jan/Nic slide test;hockey
Aug 25 Oakville, Mac 1st BD - 3 Party crowd
Aug 25 Oakville, Mac 1st BD - 2 Party crowd
Jul 15 - Aug 25 Ottawa, Oakville, Mac 1st BD - 1 Papa, Mac, Connor, Emma, Hugh, Jan
Jul 15 Oakville Mac, Jan, Papa
Jun 29 - Jul 15 Minden, Oakville Jan, Marilyn, Nels, Greg, Han, Jasmine
May 26 - Jun 29 Oakville - Wed 5, Hamilton, Minden Laura, Bruce, Trev, Darren, Karen, Parker, Jan
May 26 Oakville - Wed 4 Shelly Woody Wedding
May 26 Oakville - Wed 3 Shelly Woody Wedding
May 26 Oakville - Wed 2  Shelly Woody Wedding
May 16 - May 26 Ottawa, Oakville - Wed 1 Anne/Emma/Connor,Shelly Woody Wedding
May 4 - May 16 Killington,Ottawa,  Larry,Anne/Emma/Connor
Apr 28 - May 4  Oakville, Killington Vt Friends at Killington, Larry  L&J, Monico, 
Apr  28 Oakville Shelly shower,Jim, Mac, L&J, Monico, Xmas Mac, 
Apr 16 - Apr 28 Nepean, Oakville,Mt Trem. Nicole, Larry,Hugh,Anne McDowell, Susan, Mac, 
Apr 14 - Apr 16 Pearson Wedding, Ottawa, Mt Tremblant Shar, Ter, Mac, D'Arcy, Laura, Nicole, Larry, GG Patterson, 
Apr 14 Mt. Tremblant, Ottawa,  Pearson Wedding Mac, Shar, Ter, Laura, Larry, , Pearsons
Apr 1 - Apr 14 Nepean, Mt Tremblant BUC, Mac, Laura, D'Arcy, Larry
Mar 11 - Apr 1 Florida, Nepean Lorrie, Bill; BUC Council
Feb 17 - Mar 8 Nepean, Florida,   Shelly, Woody,Bill, Rose Marie, Lorrie, Larry,Mother, Bill, birds, gators
Feb 16 - Feb 17 Ottawa, Canal,Mt St Marie Lorrie, Shari, Terry, Shelly Woody, Mac, Laura, D'arcy, Jan,Lorrie, Wes, Sarah
Feb 09 - Feb 16 Oakville Jan, Mac,
Jan 08 - Jan 28 Oakville, Ottawa , House Monaco, Mac, Shari


Item Archives

2001 SlideShows

●  Linksys Cable Router added as new gateway to internet.  This should speed up access a little (15 April 01) 

●  Apologies if you have been encountering a profane Hack of the site, ie homepage obliterated; we seem to be attracting a talented PoizonBOx hacker recently. (07 May 01, 09 May 01)

●  Rafting 2000 pictures from Esprit are now up go HERE or follow the Rafting link (10 May 01)

●  Thumbnail Directory to Pictures (updated 05May01).  The only access to photos (with a few exceptions) is now Thumbnail. The Directory Browse option has also been removed for security reason.  With a few exceptions (like Rafting and Mac) the old direct links with special labels are now superceded. (10 May 01)

●  Visitor comment area removed due to need to disable "scripting" for protection from above.  Email any comments and I will make a display page of comments(10 May 01)

●  Wedding photos Slide Show - Shelly & Woody - 26 May 01

●  Server down 20 Sep related to thunderstorm.  Back from Europe 23rd and web site up and down as we try to get back to normal.  The Old Server now is up and happy.  Janice is making a slide presentation of Vienna/Prague so you won't have to page through the 500+ I took (as if!).  

●  D'Arcy and Laura will wed on July 6, 2002 at a wonderful place in the Hockley Valley; standby for more information.  Laura where are those pictures from the engagement breakfast in that Royal York suite? (10Jul01)

●  Due to the unfortunate acquisition of the JS/NoClose virus (Via KaZaA btw), I was forced to go down 10/11 August and was off for about 24 hours.  As a solution upgraded to Windows XP Professional and was back up Sunday morning.  So there it is; you are now accessing a machine using Windows XP Prof and Apache Web Server.

●  Apologies to those who tried to use this site 15/17 August.  Due to my forgetting to renew my domain (larryhatt.com) the Internet cut me off.  I forgot to update my domain info when we moved last fall so I didn't receive the renewal notice.  Note this Nicole and Chris;  it's a change of address you can miss.  Thanks to Terry for advising of this.

●  New software for photos and viewing.  See the trial of it at this link to a series of pictures of our house construction from Jan 01 to Aug 28.  Please feed back what you think of this way to show a collection pictures of events etc.  This way would replace the Slide Shows that are used now. [ Andrea this may be the final answer to the problem of clicking in and out of picture to move through a series]

●  New pictures just added from Christmas, recent birthdays, the Milestone Party and revived old slide pictures. See Photo Gallery. See Presentation "Mac The Lion" 31 Oct 01. See the Archive Slide Show (17Dec01)

●  The larryhatt.com web site is now located in Oakville, Ontario. The internet reacted; a new ip address is in use.  Dynamic ip held since 2 Dec 01 (15Dec01)

●  At Macgregors's own website see latest pictures from his dad (23 Dec 01)

●  After many frustrating years with MS IIS web server, I changed today to the Apache Web Server, the most widely used web server on the internet.  The last frustration after recover from the disaster below was the IIS servers continual  denial of service because "Too Many Users were on the site".  If you tried this week you may have got that message.  MS IIS is limited to 10 users.  The Pictures will be another day or so getting configured. Server will handle any reasonable number of users. (31Aug01)

●  Disaster struck the web site on Monday, 27 Aug.  My 2 major machines (BFM, the web server, and Mystie, the main admin machine, lost all their hard drives (5 in total for 37Gig of stuff.  Howbad can a disaster be.  I had more fun on the first of August.  Fortunately most stuff of importance was backed up. It will take a little time to restore the pictures; hopefully all will be up by the end of the week along with the pics from Mac's first BD.

●  Website was down from 3 PM Nov27 to 4PM Nov 2 due to firewall computer failure.  This was a BIG failure.  "Media" computer now up as a temporary firewall/gateway until new Gateway can be assembled.  Trying Sygate 4.0 software.


Milestone Party Dec 2001

 Mac The Lion 

Mac's 1st Birthday 

Shelly-Woody Wedding