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 Year 2003

Photos  ( Item Archives Below )

Month Activities
January Fireplace examples, new house moving in
February Logan is born, Woods House const, Tremblant Ski Week,
March Woody LR light, Landscaping Class, Bertha & Dods, Woods Move In, Kootenay Week
April L&D House Construction, Nicole Visits, More L&D House, Dodsworth Deck Construction
May Dodsworth Deck Construction , Nancy & Tom Wedding, Dave&Brenda Party, D'Arcy Marathon, Rentalex Basement Mancave, Williamsburg
June Kids at BC Prov Pk, L&D House, Ferndale Shaws, Logan Baptism, Woody Race, Bertha BD, Tyler BD, GG & Logan
July Shari & Boys, J&S 50th, Laura Work BD, Niagara On LkComputers at Rentalex, Logan
August L&D house, Kids at BCreek Pool, Cole Gerard, Michael & Jamie Wdg, Mac BD, Pool Dig, L&J at The Beaches,
September Pool Construction, L&D House, Shed Construction, Nelson Trip ChichiMaun Soo Meeting, Nelson Shed and other construction
October Nelson basement finishing, & Return, Thanksgiving, , L&D House & MoveIn, Pool fenced Woody Race
November D'Arcy 30th BD, L&D House Finished, 
December Dods Boys visit GMa Hatt, Jan's BD at McDs, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,
Undated - Miscellaneous  

2003 Items & Slide Shows 

2003 Archives Indexed for all 2003 Pictures; click "Photo Gallery" Christmas 2003
Jan's Birthday at Laura & D'Arcy's - 21 Dec 03 The Boys Visit Grandma Hatt - 17 Dec
D'Arcy's 30th BD Party - 22 Nov 03 Andrea and Kevin  are engaged ! 
Shari's BD at Laura & D'Arcy's - 26 Nov 03 Wes and Sarah visit Nicole and Chris (...or fall moves to winter in BC interior)
McDonald House - All Moved In - 20 Nov Update The Pool Complete and Winterized
Woody's ARC Kawarthas 18 October: Pictures   Narrative Thanksgiving - Jan Serves 12
Woody's Adventure Race 13/14 September: Pictures    Narrative Nelson with Nicole and Chris - Moving In and Renovating
Nelson: The Trip Jamie & Michael's Wedding
Macgregor Dodsworth 3rd Birthday Cole Gerard Brodhaecker (Mother Kristin)
Nancy & Tom McAfee Wedding - 3 May 03  
     Guest Arrival        Reception 
     Wedding and Formal Pictures      Additional Photos by Larry Hatt 
     Archive of all pictures in full resolution  
Jean and Sammy's 50th Anniversary Tyler's Birthday Party
Nicole and Chris have bought a house in Nelson! Latest Logan and Macgregor Pictures - New June 24
Logan Lawrence Baptism - 15 June 03 Sarah's Graduation from Algonquin College - 9 June 03
Woody and team "Storm the Trent" Pics 24/25 May    Race Info   ARC Haliburton (Enduro Race) Team Pic 14/15 June   Race Info
Terry (the Hammer) is the new Ordinary Iron Man Champion 2003 D'Arcy Defeats the National Capital Marathon, 11 May 03, see pics
Dodsworth Deck Construction Wes & Sarah visit and cause another party!
Nicole visits Burlington and causes a party! 2003 Picture Archive now up in Photo Gallery
Hatt House (done!);  Woods House (done!) Hatt-Woods Chantilier Caper
Logan Lawrence Dodsworth was born at 10:27 PM 1 February 2003.  He weighed in at 10 lb 2 oz and 22 inches long.  Click here for pictures! Macgregor Dodsworth 3rd Birthday
Cole Gerard Brodhaecker (Mother Kristin) Wes' Christmas Pictures
Jan BD and Christmas Wallaceburg and Oakville Bethlehem Live at Tansley
Hatt House Construction Woods House Construction
McDonald House Construction