# 1

Ancaster, Ontario


August 15, 2005


Many members of the Hatt / Cooley Clan thought that it would be appropriate to have an update on the state of affairs relating to the Family Cemetery Discovery in Ancaster, Ontario. [ 99 grave shafts ]


I have decided to take this suggestion to heart and publish regular updates on the Hatt Family Web Site-( This will be number 1.


All family members who responded to the notice in the paper on May 6th, 2005 have been contacted and representatives have agreed to sit down with the developer to work out a disposition agreement.


These family representatives are:


  • Richard Hatt
  • Shaune Copeman-Botosh
  • Cynthia Busch


We are all currently waiting for the Registrar of Cemeteries – Michael D’Amello to get the ball rolling on this meeting date. We all remain committed to ensuring that these Pioneer Grave Sites are not disturbed and that other solutions can be worked out.


A few weeks ago, one of the developers decided to start the roadway to the northern part of the cemetery by bringing in a bulldozer on the pretence of fixing the existing sewer problem. Some of the identified grave shafts were covered and certainly inferring with a dig site in Ontario is against the law.


I called Mr. D’Amello – Registrar of Cemeteries, and advised him accordingly and I had a meeting with the City of Hamilton officials who did go out on site.


No action has been taken to date against the developer and it is doubtful that any action will be taken. The Law is there but there is no political will to stop development for any Pioneer Cemetery.


I believe this to be the largest abandoned Cemetery find in Ontario – perhaps Canada. We do need to pressure our MPP’s to react before it is again too late. Everyone can help by writing and by meeting with your MPP to ensure that at least, our representatives in Ontario are aware of what is happening to Ontario Heritage.



Richard Hatt