# 5

Ancaster, Ontario


October 28, 2010


The OMB started the hearing on October 19th, 2010 in Waterdown, On., The Developers presented a new plan and subsequently, the City asked for more time to consider the changes and any ramifications, if any, to the original plan.
The OMB Chair granted additional time until the 25th, October 2010.
At this meeting, the City and the Developer took the opportunity to meet privately for the day and announced significant progress had been made to resolve most issues, including the Cemetery. In fact, the developer has agreed to re-jig the road that would have gone through the Pioneer Cemetery. [ this was strongly suggested in 2004 ]. It would appear that the continuous pressure applied by Families, Neighbours and Historical/Genealogical Societies to preserve and protect this Loyalist Pioneer Cemetery, has won the day. This is a very positive move but the final say is with the Chair of the OMB.
Suffice to say that negotiations have gone well and the hearing has been adjourned to allow City staff to take a settlement to Council for approval.   In the mean time, the hearing will reconvene on November 8th to specifically deal with the cemetery issue.  The Board is requiring anyone who wishes to speak regarding the cemetery issue to do so on that day.  On December 20th, the Board will sit to hear the remaining evidence on the merits of the plan. I and many others will be speaking on this day regarding the Cemetery.
Subsequent to this hearing, the Ontario Historical Society is still spearheading a Petition to revive bill 149 so that families do not have to spent time and resources to continually fight developers to preserve and protect our Cemeteries. Keep sending in the Petitions with names and signatures.
Thanks for your help
Rick Hatt
Additional Note  from  Rick: November 4, 2010
Re Petitions:
Your petitions were delivered November 2, 2010 with the first reading of Bill 126 by Jim Brownell MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.
I have enclosed a pic of Jim Brownell receiving these partitions [ pic courtesy of Rob Laverty ] just before Jim invited us to the Gallery to be introduced while he read and signed the petitions and introduced Bill 126 - The Protection & Preservation of Cemeteries in Ontario. We must continue pressuring our MPP's to support Bill 126 @ 2nd & 3rd reading
In the picture from L to R
Steve Clendenan - VP Finance for the Ontario Historical Society
Margorie Stuart  -  President of the Ontario Genealogical Society
Diane Clendenan - Cemetery Volunteer for the Ontario Historical Society
Rick Hatt  -  Hatt/Cooley Cemetery Representative
Cathy Hatt - Hatt/Cooley Cemetery Representative
Jim Brownell - MPP Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry
Rob Laverty - Executive Director of the Ontario Historical Society
Additional Petitions can be mailed to Rob Laverty:
Ontario Historical Society
34 Parkview Ave.,
Willowdale, On.,
M2N 3Y2
Thank you
Rick Hatt