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Wednesday, September 26th Floreana Island.
Before breakfast we were treated to a bit of a show by 3 young sea lions. One had caught a crab and the others played at stealing it. Our first excursion of the day was a wet landing at Cormorant Point. A young sea lion was nursing and others lying about. Pepe explained some of the flora Ė with samples, so we might recognize them later. Along the trail we saw (and smelled) incense tree, Galapagos daisy, sunflower tree and black mangrove among others. When we reached the edge of a brackish lagoon, we could see a half-dozen flamingos feeding in the distance. We moved on to a vantage point above the lagoon, where we could see all of it and the surrounding area. Next we moved to another beach to see small rays tumbling in the surf. At first we couldnít see them, then suddenly realized they were nearly around our feet. Back on board Flamingo I we donned bathing suits and some of us put on the wet suits so we could snorkel at the Devilís Crown. We saw Tiger Rays, a blue sea star, and many many small to medium sized fish. Some saw a shark or two under the edge of the rocks. We rode an ocean current while the various formations and creatures appeared below us. Pepe did a great job of drawing our attention to  interesting things. After we returned to the panga and stared toward the boat we saw a very large flock of shearwaters, cute little black and white duck-like birds. Once again we enjoyed a delicious lunch and some restful time before afternoon activities. We took off in the pangas for a tour of this part of the islandís waters. In one little lagoon we saw a few sharks and at least one ray. On an island were boobies and possibly a turtle. When we landed we went to a clearing that holds a barrel used as a mail box. People leave cards and letters for others to pick up and hand-deliver. We went through a few hundred of them but found none from the Toronto area. Then in wet suits or not, we put on masks, snorkels and fins and went into the water in search of sea turtles. I saw three before I became chilled and called the boat over to pick me up. Besides the turtles, we got a good look at sea urchins, and lots of other growth as well as many colourful fish, pencils, a pelican on the edge of the surf. Along the way we saw huge cacti on one island. Another good briefing and delicious dinner, long conversations and early to bed.


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