Photos and Videos

Monday, January 22, 2007: Yellowstone WY to Nelson, BC:  Up early to be in the dining room when breakfast started at 6:30, then out the slippery road from the park.  Along the park road we saw a herd of bison at the edge of the road, and then had to stop for a buck elk standing on the road.  Another one crossed just ahead of us.  The weather was deteriorating, so we headed directly for Nelson.  The Interstate was fine to Coeur d’Alene, but going north the smaller roads were a bit dicey [ horrible ] but we got to Nicole and Chris’s shortly after dinner time.  Chris was shoveling out parking for us when we arrived, but their driveway was pretty heavy going.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007: Nelson, BC: Wonderful day discovering how grown up and clever Somer is.  Both Nicole and Somer are suffering from a bad cold, so are laying low.  But Somer loves to read books and is acquiring new words at a n amazing rate.  She loves to find our the names of things and then practice them.  So Grandma Jan decided to work on “armpit” with her.  Sure enough she quickly mastered the idea and the word.  In the afternoon Larry and Chris went out to Whitewater to enjoy the 8” of new powder.  [  great to ski in rather than drive through the night before  ].  Since we were still on Eastern time, it was an early night.


Pic: Nicole and Somer


Pic: Somer in PJs



Short Video: Somer in Backpack

Wednesday, January 24, 2007: Nelson, BC:  Nicole still wasn’t feeling like being in a crowd, so Somer and Grandma Jan went to Mother Goose Time at the Nelson Public Library.  We met Amy and Gracie [ 1 ¾ yr ] and the girls had a good time singing and playing and listening to a story.  Afterwards we went to the Kootenay Bakery for lunch, where Somer demonstrated her advanced soup-eating skills.  Amy delivered us home.   Meanwhile Larry were working on getting the van out of the parking space and turned around facing out.  In  the end Chris had to drag it out using his truck and climbing rope.  It proved to be impossible to install the chains in the parking spot [ because the wheels were so deep in snow ].  We saw deer around the house just wandering and nibbling.


Thursday, January 25, 2007: Nelson, BC: Larry planned an early departure to Rossland  but was thwarted by the driveway.  The van simply couldn’t do it, and eventually we had to get tow=truck to pull it out to the main road.  There he was off for a couple of days of fun with Hugh and Maryetta at Red Mountain.  Jan decided to learn to use the bread maker.  What fun to throw in a few ingredients and have a fresh delicious loaf of bread 3 hours later!  In the afternoon Nicole, Chris, Somer and Jan went to the Nelson Recreation Complex for a swim and then to the Diner on Baker St. for dinner.  The swimming facilities are great – several pools and a hot tub.  Somer enjoyed riding the current in the kiddies pool.  The same complex has a skating rink and after watching figure skaters for a bit, Somer chattered about hockey for the rest of the evening.



Friday, January 26, 2007; Nelson, BC:  Larry was enjoying his second day at Red and the rest of us took it a bit easy.  While Somer napped,  Nicole and Jan walked to the point and on to Taghum Beach to see the ducks.  Of course they were all at a distance, but we had binoculars so enjoyed watching them.  Larry was home for dinner and hot-tubing.  He prudently left the car at Amy and Marcus’s.


Saturday, January 27, 2007: Nelson, BC:  We  headed into Nelson for brunch at the “PEACE” restaurant and it was yummy as always.  Then we headed for the museum to take in the Freshly Squeezed installation.  It was really interesting and very informative, as well as being fun to look at.  [ it was a study/demonstration of the process of design ]  Somer enjoyed running around and looking at the parts at her eye level.  The museum was terrific too with many well-presented materials and pictures of Nelson history.  Somer enjoyed the Canoe and movies of fish and talked about them for days.


Somer in Museum 1

Somer in Museum 2




In the Hot Tub 1


In the Hot Tub 2


In the Hot Tub 3


In the Hot Tub 4

Sunday, January 28, 2007; Nelson, BC: Nicole, Chris and Somer were out at a birthday party for Nieva for the morning.  Somer came home with a balloon (BAL-oon) and a package of stickers she won in a game.  They had a bonfire and tubing, and the older kids road a canoe down the driveway.  Meanwhile, Grandma Jan had progressed to level 2 bread making and was creating hamburger buns at home.  Came out rather well, if I do say so as shouldn’t. After rap time we all headed for the Garveys’ for dinner.  Chris, Larry, Somer and Jan walked over, and on the way saw a couple of deer.  We were warmly greeted by Amy, Marcus, Grace and Champ [the dog] and Amy’s parents, Jean and Blake, who are visiting from Washington State.  Nicole arrived later with salad and buns and we all enjoyed a delicious meal of home-made burgers with great conversation and much laughter.  Near the end of the evening Jan bean to sneeze and snuffle.  Uh-Oh maybe the hot tub will fend it off.

Monday, January 29, 2007; Nelson, BC:   Sure enough, Jan’s sniffles turned into a full-blown cold, so it was a quiet day.  Larry felt a little under the weather too so was happy to comply with that.  Heard Nicole cancelled their plans to ski at Whitewater and she went off to take care of some errands in town.  In late afternoon we finally got to do our belated Christmas celebration – stockings for the adults and gifts for Somer.  We did Christmas crackers and donned paper hats.  Somer liked her gifts and loved crawling into the bags.  She got a book, Little Miss Chatterbox, in her stocking and stopped to “read” through it before going on to the rest of the stuff.  Then we feasted on home-made squash soup and had a last hot tub session before bed.  Shortly after we turned in, we heard the eerie and frightening sound of a coyote outside.  It seamed to be on this side of the river, though we thought they were all on the other side.



A Small Glacier coming off Chris and Nicole’s Roof


Somer Helping in the Kitchen