My Memories of Grandma Hatt

My fondest and most intimate memories of Grandma are of her and me
sitting and talking on her front porch in
Toronto. I would walk over
in the summers from my Dad's house and we would talk about her nursing
and travel experiences. We always had the love of travel in common and
enjoyed talking about the differences of other cultures. Her sharp
humour and candour never failed to surprise me and make me laugh.

She was always straight to the point. When Chris and I first started
talking about moving out West, her reaction was: "Well you should. You
need to have space to live your own life and not be all caught up in
everyone else's." I felt like I never really had to explain things to
her, she always understood me well.

Family gatherings at her house were deemed important and as a result,
I have her to thank for providing many opportunities to spend time
with the Hatt clan and get to know everyone better. And I have her to
thank for the many hours spent sitting in cars in front of her house
waiting for her to join us in what she would eventually deem to be the
perfect outfit for our outing. Can't blame a woman for wanting to look

Love Nicole