In Loving Memory of Grandma Hatt


How can you possibly write out all your feelings and memories toward a grandmother who has shared your life for over thirty years? I guess you can’t. Sitting in the kitchen today at mom’s house we all discussed what fond memories we have of Grandma. Probably the fondest and most memorable ones are from when we were kids, as we seemed to spend more time with Grandma back then. Grandma was after all, the only one mom and dad would trust to look after their girls when they went out on evenings or away on trips. I think that says a lot for how good of a caregiver she really was & how much she loved us and loved spending time with us. Some of the great memories from these babysitting times would be her cautious driving (right turns only!) while we were in her car, McDonald’s dinners on our way to/from gymnastics (as if she didn’t see through our assurances that this was standard fair for us with mom and dad!), watching Dallas and Loveboat with her, her special after school snacks she would prepare for us, & her different desserts she would make us (you know, different from mom’s). I suppose she, like so many before and after, just wanted to make her grandkids happy and perhaps spoil them a bit while she could.


Of course we have other great memories we share of our time spent with Grandma that include mom and dad – like trips up to the Bruce to visit Grandma Shaw and family gatherings at her house on Montye Ave. With its distinctive smell, and that fabulously interesting basement that we spent hours playing in, Grandma’s house holds many memories for us all. Those red dutch shoes were worn by all Grandma’s grandkids and now they reside in Shelly’s daughters room where she will very soon get to also enjoy! Grandma loved to drink tea and loved having us over for tea & cookies where we could scoop in as much sugar into our teas as we wanted and wait for the birdie in the coo-coo clock to come out. When we got older Grandma’s role in our lives changed. She lent all of us her car whenever we required it – in fact lending it to Andrea & Shelly on separate occasions for weeks/months at a time. I believe she would have done anything for us. I have a fond memory of dancing with Grandma at Shari & Terry’s wedding; she was so shy it was quite a feat to get her out on that dance floor. She was so proud of all her grandchildren, and loved getting pictures of us to display in her house. She also loved to get updates on what all her grandchildren were doing in their lives. She was one of the kindest and most gentle people I have ever known.


As a person grows older and becomes weak and ill, it is hard to adjust to a different type of relationship that ensues. Shifting from recipients of her care, to providers of her care, well being and life enrichment was difficult to say the least for everyone in Grandma’s life. We all took comfort in knowing that our visits brightened her days and gave her new faces to look upon or stories to listen to. She especially seemed to enjoy seeing her great grandkids as so often people do love to see little kids running around, their innocence and happiness is such a breath of fresh air for adults, probably more so for seniors. We know her last few months must have been difficult for her to endure, as they were for us too.


She will be missed by us all so much but we are comforted in knowing that she is in a better place now.


With love always,

Lisa, Andrea & Shelly

Grandma Hatt Memories


Kids love candy and Grandma always had Chiclets in the house. “Can I have a Chiclet, Grandma?”

Two strong memories that I have of Grandma Hatt.


50lbs in Twine.

·         Dad sent us to pick up something at one of his little computer parts stores. Well Dad asked if Grandma could take me to some store in Chinatown to get a computer part, while everyone else did something else. Grandma decided the subway was a better choice than driving, in hindsight I agree. The problem was that once we found the piece to transport, the weight was a lot for a twelve year old, and much too much for Grandma. About four years ago Grandma brought this day up and told me how she was sorry for making me carry it. I told her that it was ok, and that I was touched that she held that apology for so long.


Rhine River

·         A very vague but very fond memory that I have was going downtown with Grandma to see a movie about the Rhine River. I knew that you could watch nature shows on T.V. but until then I wasn’t aware that movies like that existed in the theater. It was all so big and vivid and it was amazing. I don’t think at the time I was excited to go, but it was a great day with Grandma, and one of my fondest memories.


From Sarah

Something I always thought was special was whenever we would go to visit Grandma Hatt in her different retirement homes she was always so proud to introduce Wes to everybody. She would beam and repeat over and over, “This is my Grandson. This is my Grandson.”

Memories of my Grandma Hatt


My Grandmother always seemed to amaze me in everything she did. One of my favorite memories is when we would travel with her to Ottawa by bus. She would have a tiny carry on bag with her the size of most women’s purses. Expecting to see her in the same dress everyday – she amazed us further with always looking very put together in a different dress each day. I think we started calling it her magic bag. One trip to Ottawa the bus was one seat short for us – so I sat on that little bag for 5 hours – I was thankful that small little bag could fit at her feet and it was not a bad seat for a little girl – I don’t think I minded one bit. Knowing Grandma she probably would have given me her seat if I got uncomfortable. As we all know she was also a bit of a push over. It was easy to convince Grandma that we always had cookies before dinner – I think she knew better but we thought we were getting away with something.


Being the youngest it seemed there were never enough seats or beds for me – I was the lucky one who got to cuddle in with Grandma and her satin pillows. When I was about eleven I thought I was getting too old to sleep with Grandma. When I woke up the next morning I was lying completely underneath Grandma and managed to slither my way from under her without waking her up. That was the last night I slept with Grandma.


When I was older I would always make sure we stopped in to visit Grandma – this day she was sad as an old friend had passed away – she did not feel comfortable driving to the funeral so we looked it up and I drove her there. I have never met someone so appreciative- she thanked me that day profusely – as well as 3 thank you cards in the mail and I think she may have even mentioned it to me last year. She was often worried about everyone else in her life she didn’t have time to think about herself.


I wish Sydney and Chloe would have known her more – they sure would have loved her along with her stashes of Chiclets and oatmeal cookies.


Love, Laura

Memories of my Grandmother Hatt


When I reflect on those who influenced my life I know that those I spent great amount of time with when I was young had the greatest impact. One of those people would be my Grandma Hatt.


My first memory of my Grandma was her visit to Ottawa when my brother Wes was born. At almost 3 I had a strong sense of independence and a group of friends I liked to chum around with. I was very upset with Grandma and repeatedly told her she didn’t know the rules as my Grandma didn’t think it a good idea that I go around the block by myself to play with friends she did not know. My first memory of our strong personalities is a good as I know my strong sense of independence and my thoughts on how to do things is something I inherited from her.


Grandma always made an effort to spend with her Grandchildren. I have tons of memories of time spent on her house on Montye and Christmases with her there as well. I loved the smell of her house and think of fresh baked apple pie, pineapple upside down cake, the gas stove, and dove soap in her bathroom.


Other fond memories of the house include Dad’s dresser full of great stuff from his childhood and military days. We’d spend hours looking through his stuff. The stuffed monkey in the pink room, the dog door on the back porch, the Christmas tree in the basement, Grandma’s room on the main floor, the clogs from her trip to Holland that we all squeezed our feet in to walk around, my friend Cathy next door and the laneway to get the candy store.


My Grandmother had a strong sense of order and how things should be done. I love that I have this from her. No matter how many times we told her you don’t need carrot sticks and celery with pizza she just wouldn’t relent. The importance of children eating properly is something I often reflect back on now and know how much she cared for us. No was definitely no but we could always get another Chiclet out of her. She had them everywhere, always in her purse and a huge cup of them in her cupboard. She had Chiclets like her mother Grandma Shaw had caramels. Grandma always dressed to the nines. She had a beautiful wardrobe and always looked well put together. Her hair was always perfect. I have to admit I also don’t like wearing flat shoes as an adult and I remember how she used to tell me she didn’t like running shoes because they didn’t have a heel. She’d love my new high heeled runners. At twelve I thought this was the strangest thing at thirty-eight I can totally relate.


Driving around with Grandma after she had her license was a bit scary but what an awesome accomplishment to achieve when you’re in your 50’s. As soon as I had my license she let me drive. We had a fun time. She liked you to get over the lane you were going to turn from immediately so you would be prepared for the turn, even if it was miles and miles away.


Grandma was a great listener and never said a bad word about anyone. She may have said at one time or another she didn’t see eye to eye with so and so but that was rare and as far as she’d ever go. She never passed judgment on others and always asked after people. I hope I have inherited this from her as well.


A great lady who I love very much.



November 17, 2007

My Memories of Grandma Hatt

My fondest and most intimate memories of Grandma are of her and me
sitting and talking on her front porch in
Toronto. I would walk over
in the summers from my Dad's house and we would talk about her nursing
and travel experiences. We always had the love of travel in common and
enjoyed talking about the differences of other cultures. Her sharp
humour and candour never failed to surprise me and make me laugh.

She was always straight to the point. When Chris and I first started
talking about moving out West, her reaction was: "Well you should. You
need to have space to live your own life and not be all caught up in
everyone else's." I felt like I never really had to explain things to
her, she always understood me well.

Family gatherings at her house were deemed important and as a result,
I have her to thank for providing many opportunities to spend time
with the Hatt clan and get to know everyone better. And I have her to
thank for the many hours spent sitting in cars in front of her house
waiting for her to join us in what she would eventually deem to be the
perfect outfit for our outing. Can't blame a woman for wanting to look

Love Nicole



Grandma Hatt


I met Grandma Hatt for the first time in the Fall of 1989.  Over the first few years I really got to know her quite well.  She was always very welcoming to me and always made me feel at home at her house in Toronto.


Shari and I, before we had kids and moved to Oakville, saw her fairly frequently.  When we lived on Bloor we would often go by and she would have the odd thing she needed done around the house especially when it may be a few weeks before Larry would be back.  She always appreciated the little bit of help.


Similar to my Grandma Mary she would tell me lots of old stories and was always ready to pull out some photo albums.  At one point I had finally heard all of the favorite stories… I thought but she would always throw in a detail that I hadn’t heard before so the stories always stayed fresh which was great.


I think the point where I felt more like a Grandson then a Grandson-in-law was one year when Shari could not make the ‘high tea tradition’ that Shari started at the Royal York with Grandma.  An author would be there as the guest speaker and of course they would be selling their book with autograph.  No one else was available to go with her that year so I said to Shari that I would go with her.  Like the creature of habit Grandma Hatt was we would meet in the lobby of the Royal York by the wingback chairs and then go into the dining room.


We went to the room for lunch and I sat at a table with her and six other older ladies.  I remember counting the men in the room and I think it was five out of a hundred people.  She kept introducing me as her Grand-daughter’s boyfriend until finally one of the ladies said this is your Grandson and she just said yes which I thought was great because that is how I felt and that is still how I feel today about her.


I will miss her immensely but will remember all those special times and will consider myself fortunate to be considered family to such a great lady.



Terry (husband of Bertha’s grand-daughter Shari)