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Help on Photos and Finding Things   (updated 11July16) 

New for 2016 and later photos: "Google Photos" is used to display photos.  See  for full explanation of google photos. As before, you click photos for larger view and use that view to save to your own computer (Right-Click, Save As, etc).

Really New: You can now add your own photos to the Month or Event Album which will be available to all the family (with the password).  As before family photos in the Month albums are password protected.  Email me ( ) for the password.

Google Photos is highly recommended to Backup all your own photos. Once you sign up and tell Google what folder to save your photos in Google looks after the rest and backs up photos as they are saved to your photo folder.  For normal photos and videos backup is unlimited and free.

More Information

  • You can add your own photos to any album displayed
  • You can make comments on any 2016 photo displayed
  • Clicking the top header on the  Month page takes you back to the Homepage
  • The Archive for pictures by year sometimes gives an error if you are not on the Homepage
  • A line space between events usually means a separate Album on Google Photos
  • The security on the photos is provided by Google. I.E. if you have the complicated Google link for the album or photo. then that link can be copied and shared individually.  You just need the password (newell) to get to the link which is in the address window at the top of your browser.

Older Photo Display System: (This information below applies to Photo earlier than January 2016)
( photos are password protected for friends and family; email for password)   

  • All 2013 - 2005 photos have been re-indexed using a new photo display setup. High Resolution is now available directly
  • Clicking on the thumbnail view gives a medium resolution (600x800) photo.  Clicking again gives full definition for viewing or downloading.
  • Save a copy on your own computer by just by Right-clicking on the  photo and Selecting "Save Image As..".
Recent Notes, Photos etc

The item headings on the Month line link directly to the slide in the month that starts that item.  You can advance through the items until you run into the next one.  ie the items are all connected in the slideshow of the month

Picture resolution  in 1st display is 800X600, so don't copy these pictures. If you want to get a good print using original resolution,  just click the photo again.  That gives a full resolution version which you can Right-Click to save on your own computer.

Some photos, particularly for trips, are displayed via Google, where their directions apply. 


Recent Videos

The videos are mostly very short videos taken with the video option on digital cameras. They are not stored on this site but usually on

The videos ( links) are moved to Archives after a time and hopefully will remain on Youtube forever.  If they disappear from Google there are backup copies here which can be provided via email etc.



The Photo Archives "year" links on the left give access to photo and other archives. If you are not on the home page you may get an error.  Hit most anything in the top banner to return to the home page.


Family Links and Ref Pages

These links are provided as a reference to find and link to other family websites, photo collections and information.  Please let me know if any of these change. 

These stay indefinitely on the main page and don't go to Archives.