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Year 2006 

Photos  ( Item Archives Below )



January  Christmas  ● skiing Mac/Logan:   ●   In the Blue Mtn Condo  ●   Isabelle   ● SS: Holiday 2005 Slideshow SS: Mac Skiis - Glen Eden - 19Jan06 
February Nicole, Chris, Somer Florida   Peanut Island SS: Glen Eden & Collingwood Ski Pics  SS:Isabelle is 5 Months SS:Charlwood/LeBlanc Florida 2006
March Patterson clan at condo Bahama "Cruise"  Woody finishes 24th  out of  1800  and 5th out of 97 in his 30-34 year old category in Burlington half-marathon on 5 March  SS:More Babes in Florida
April  IsabelleReggai Fest Florida departure party   ●  Lorrie, Charleston Outerbanks  ●  At the Boston Marathon   ●  Oakville Kids  ●  SS:Jan/Larry on Bahamas Cruise  Woody (follow Woody for Running Free multisport and Boston Marathon on April 17   Woody's Official Results  Great Photo at 22 Miles and Woody's personal reflections on the race  Woody Running   Woody at the finish  Marathon Stats  Marathon Coverage SS: Family Photos at Boston  110th Boston Marathon -  Woods Edition  
May GG H and P ● Isabelle  ● GG P & embroidery   ●  Chloe Sharon McDonald arrives Pool Open  ● Candy/Robin with Somer   Dods soccer  ●  F&O Party SS:Chloe Sharon McDonald Arrived at 12:14 am 17 May 2006 and weighed in at 7lb 15oz ( 3.6kg ).  Click this link for more pictures. SS:Chloe goes home. SS:Somer Pictures with her Charlwood Grandparents   ●  Nicole:Somer, Eighth & Ninth Month, April/May 06
June Church Walkathon  ●   Tansley Legends  ●  Lorrie & Belle  ●  Tansley picnic  ●  Pooling  ●  Belle & Fam,  Oakville run  ●  Dods/McDonald gathering  ● Pooling with Laura's friends  ●  Mac the biker   ●   GG Hatt 90th  More GG 90th    Still More GG 90th Jan and Chloe baby   ● Mac Soccer  ● Logan Ouch! A  and B    ●  Dods boys at Sandbanks    Update on battle to save Hatt Ancestor gravesites SS:Bertha Hatt's 90th Birthday Party  SS: more GG Hatt 90 pictures from Nancy Video:Somer  1st crawling SS: Isabelle in June
July Newell1July  party  ● Mac soccer  ● Dodsworth last day at Capilano Bruce Peninsula trip with Bill, Rosemarie and Ross   ● Mary Huffman-Watts, Eva Bicum-Patterson Peg Huffman-Crawford  ●  Michael/Jamie new baby Connor  ● Somer July  ●    Cooley/Hatt Ancestor Gravesite Options 
August ●  Pool Party Visit to Nicole/Chris/Somer in Nelson   ●  Somer's 1st BD    ● Somer in Nelson with Jan   ●  Jan/Lar BC interior circle tour  ● Jan's "birthday"  ●    Somer Tubing Las Vegas return  ● Mac's 6th BD  ●  Somer's 1st Birthday Pics (Nicole)   SS: Mac's 6th BD Party   Video:Somer's Recent (check dates) Videos 
September  Mac/Logan geocaching    McDonald party  Pool end-season party    SS: Sydney's 2nd BD Slideshow        Video:   Somer's 1st Birthday Mtn Top
October   Belle's 1st BD     Thanksgiving at Minden  ●  Mac/Logan in H'ween duds        Video:   Bear on the Loose at Chris & Nicole's
November Larry 65th BD       Chloe pics in Maine new McDonald digs         Fla trip: Concord Mass
December Nicole/Somer Fla   Dods/McD/Hatt return party at Dods   ●    Christmas 2006   Jan/Lar 25 Anniversary at R-Y     ●    Video: Somer Visits the Zoo in Florida Dec 06  ●  Video:  Somer on the Beach in Florida Dec 06

Separate Photo Groups

McDowell Ski 2006 Jan Scrapbook Collection 2005/06 Early 70s Hatt & Cansfield snapshots as slideshow  SS:
Jan Fam Tree Photos Jan Scrapbook 2006  Notes on Early Hatt Ancestors
Jan's Shanghai and kids on return   Hatt & Dundas Heritage Information

 Item Archive

  • Ter, Shar, Mac, & Logan move into new digs in July.   Ter, Shar, Mac, & Logan move into new digs in July
  • Wes & Sarah have purchased a home in Hamilton. Click for Photo of the house. Move-in day looks like April 7. Congrats Wes and Sarah!!!