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Videos, Notes, Links

● Dodsworth Boys show their excellent hockey skills - Youtube links:
Logan, skilled defenceman
Mac, skilled forward scores

Video: A Bear visits the Charlwoods - September 2010

Video: Gerald & Sheila Hatt stepping with the Wiarton Steppers

Intrepid Eastern Europe Cruise Presentation by Exotic Destinations for Sep 2010 trip

2010 Wes in the Stinson School project commercial video (use the full screen icon )

See the related Hamilton Grand Site




Eastern European Blog
- Eastern European Odyssey Photos

Germany Tour Blog
- Germany Tour Photos


January: Africa Reunion Party
At Nelson - Luc & Somer - Xmas,Skiing
At Blue Mountain - Family Ski Weekend
Logan's Birthday at Blue Mountain
New Slide Presentation of Grant & Clapp Ancestors On The Web - by Rick Hatt Jan 2010
Shari & Earle Elphing
February: GG Paterson with Syd and Chloe
Bob & Joan Florida
Lake Worth Street Painting
U/D of Nov Hatt Ancestors
March: GG Patterson's Scrapbook
Kids at Dods on our brief visit home
Wes,Sarah,Viv in Florida
St. Patricks Parade Lake Worth
Vivian's Birthday at condo
WPB Zoo with Viv and family
Viv Birthday cake
Key West trip with Viv and fam
Viv and new trike in Fla
April: "Cansfield girls" and family, B&R Shaw, Luc&Somer on bridge
May: Hatt Ancestor Cemetery - Update #4 (11May10)
Plaque commemorates accomplishments of Richard Hatt - Ancaster News Article
40th Anniversary of Jeff & Sue Williams (Lemak)
Half-Moon Trail in Bronte Creek Park
L&J at Niagara Falls
Mothers' Day at GG's & at Dodsworths
Chloe's Birthday
School days at W'burg (scanned)
Jackson, Sydney's Birthday
24th May BBQ,
Jan & Lar Niagara Falls
Babysitting at Woods (Sofie, Belle, Addy & Jackson)
Lisa's BD
June: Shaw Ferndale sale
McDonald deck & living/dining reno
Dave's Prayer Shawl & more
Mac's Play
July: Rick Hatt's "Ancestor Graves Campaign" makes the front page of the Hamilton Spec
Gerald and Sheila Hatt featured in the Saugeen Times
1st July Party
Charlwoods' celebration -Robin's 70th
Lorrie, Larry & Jan at Pt Elgin
Laura's BD
August: Visiting Bob & Joan at their camp
At Opinicon for Hugh's 70th  the party
Somer's Birthday in Nelson
Mac builds his first computer from small pieces
Pool party with all the cousins
Cousin photos by family
Ross's 90th birthday party
Somer's Birthday in Burlington
More cousin photos
Somer's family scrapbook (by Grandma Jan)
L & J in Quebec City
L & J joined by Charlwoods in Quebec City
Gaspe - plane flying
Gaspe - beach
Gaspe - moonlight
Gaspe - Perce
Gaspe - Halimand playground
Gaspe - Halimand "Olympics"
Gaspe - family graves
Gaspe - more "Olympics"
Gaspe - Zip cord fun
Returning - overnight at 1760s B&B
September: GG having fun at Burloak lawn party
Link to Janice's travel blog for Eastern Europe Danube Cruise & Germany: day-by-day (reverse) posting on
October: Logan at Hockey
Link to Janice Danube Cruise in forward day sequence
Link to Janice's Germany Tour in forward day sequence
Danube Cruise - all photos
Germany Tour - all photos
November:   Many Vivian, Larry's final moustache
 Halloween at 2124, Bob & Joan visit Lorrie, Birthday party at GG's
 Victory for the Hatt Ancestor Cemetery Petition - See Update #6
Dods boys hockey, Halloween, Bob & Joan at Lorrie's, GG's 93th BD, The Moustache Status 24 Nov
Cooley Cemetery Update 5 - Petition presented at Queen's Park
Updated Hatt Genealogy - 7 Nov
December: Condo rented but they all slept around Papa
Boxing Day lunch with Jean & GG, Hatt - Dods - Macs at Collingwood Blue Mtn
Luc on skiis, Somer Christmas play, Christmas eve at 2124