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Year 2019


Photos  for Jan-June 2019

Photos  for 
July-Dec 2019

Notes, Links & Videos:


January 2019
McDonald Dodsworth Big White
With Charlwoods @ Nelson
Collingwood Ski Weekend
Fussball Championship
Shaws Visit with Bruce

February 2019
Shaws Visit Condo with Bruce
Jan with Judy at Café
Israel, Jordan, Egypt & Nile Cruise

March 2019
Shaws Visit Condo with Bruce
St. Patrick's Day
Wonka Production Nelson
Somer with Gpa Charlwood
Dinner with Barb and Mike

April 2019
Condo Animals
Luc Global Warming Project
Dods, DMacs Winterfel

May 2019
Larry Hosp with Fam
Book Sale and Knee
Vivian School Play
Pool Party
Tansley St. Stephens Party

June 2019
Bill Taylor Computer
Tansley Photos
Lakeside Little Library
Computer Setup
Bill and Rosemarie

July 2019
1st July Pool Party
Hatt Reunion
Heidi &Steve Fonthill
Newfoundland Trip Highlights (Blog Photos)
16 Cornerbrook
17 Port au Choix
18 Port au Choix to L'Anse au Claire
19 L'Anse au Claire to St. Anthony
20 St. Anthony to Cow Head
21 Cow Head and Gros Morne Nat. Park

22 Cow Head to Gander

23 Gander to Twillingate

24 Trinity and Bonavista

25 Clareville to St. Johns

26 Birds, Whales and the Irish Loop

27 Cape Spear, Signal Hill

August 2019
Bob and Joan Visit
Civic Holiday Pool Party
Pastor David & Nanci at Office
Tansley Kitchen
Joanie & Elaine (old kitchen)
Janice Island AP (off to Moncton)
Mac @ New Apt - Ikea assembly
Moncton Family Cemetery
Mac Birthday Party 

September 2019
Labour Day Pool Party
With Bruce in Boston
More Pool Time
Cathy, Carol, Gabriella Fall Cruise
Sydney Birthday Party
2019 Pool Closing

October 2019
Patterson Tks Gvg @ Minden
Tansley Church Kitchen
Tansley Committee Display
Janice et al Fall Scapbooking

November  2019
Tansley Traditions Sale
Larry Birthday
Florida Hall Carpet Replacement
Florida Outing
Waterway Club Christmas Decor

December  2019
Loxahachee With Karen
Tansley Projector Installation
Janice Early Birthday





Sydney's VideoRama of Big White 2018/19 (Video)

LUC Charlwood joins the New Years Day Nelson Polar Dip in Kootenay Lake (Video)

Luc Builds 1st Computer (a MineCraft Machine)

Recently Found Archive Photos (Janice and some Larry Family)

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1990s Janice Family
1980s Janice Family
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●  Richard (Rich) Hatt, of Fonthill 20-year effort to preserve HATT-COOLEY historical cemetery rewarded
Rich received the Cemetery Preservation Award  this summer from the Ontario Historical Society. It represents validation of the 20-year battle he fought to see his ancestors’ United Empire Loyalist gravesites preserved from developers’ shovels. Read More






Newfoundland &

Jordan, Israel,
Nile River Cruise

England, Scotland,
Paris; France, Belgium Battlefields;
Seine River Cruise,

New Zealand & Australia

Iceland to Denmark Cruise

July 2019
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Feb 2019


Sep-Oct 2018

Feb 2018
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Aug 6 - 24 2017
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2017 Archives

Seoul Korea, Seam Reap Cambodia & Burma Irrawaddy River Cruise Sep 13 - Oct 3 2016
Photos by Day at
the end of each in Blog Left
and in 2016 Archives
Alaska-Russia-Japan Sep 2015
Photos by Day
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Israel & Jordan Feb 2015  
Spain & Portugal Sep/Oct 2014  
Gaspé Patterson Reunion July 2014
India, Sri Lanka & Dubai Sep/Oct 2013
Tansley Haiti Mission Trip May 2013 All Photos
Chile, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
Sep 2012
Venice, Greek Is, Israel, Egypt, Athens May 2012
Malaysia & Hong Kong Sept. 2011
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Danube Cruise
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Sept. 2010
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Selected Photos
Oct. 2010
Photos By Location
Africa Sept. 2009
Rome, Med Cruise, Amalfi Coast Sept. 2008
Russia Sept. 2007