June 15th, 2006






The developer, Nick Carnicelli of Carriage Gate Homes, called the first informal disposition agreement meeting in Ancaster, Ontario.


Present at this meeting:




Nick Carnicelli

Michael Martin

Scott Snyder – lawyer for developers




Shaune Copeman-Botosh ( Cooley Family )

Richard Hatt  ( Hatt Family )

Rob LevertyOntario Historical Society

Marjorie Stewart – Ontario Genealogical Society



Mr. D’Mello suggested that the developers have a lawyer present to act as a moderator. Naturally, the family needed to have witnesses and therefore Marjorie and Rob agreed to attend. They had no part in this meeting other than to witness and to advise for the next meeting.


According to Nick Carnicelli, the developers have exhausted all options in trying to work around the grave shafts, i.e. narrow roadway, condo units, many varied plans for development, other uses of this land, etc. The only real option is to move the existing 40 graves to the North and re-locate them in the southern part of this Cemetery Area. This would allow the road to be built and make the grave site symmetrical.

By doing this, the developers would provide public access to this site, fence the site, and mark the site with a plaque.


It all sounded very logical and very organized and would certainly provide the means to an end for development.


We reminded the developers again of the very significant find – 100 Pioneer Graves. This is probably the  largest Cemetery find in Canada and we have an opportunity to develop this site as a Pioneer Cemetery and announce it to the rest of Canada for future generations. These are our Pioneers, our Families, who came to show the rest of us the way. They were politicians, lawyers, builders of schools and roads, judges. The Cooley’s and Hatt’s were prominent citizens of Ancaster and Dundas. We must not allow the desecration of these graves.

Our position has always been and will continue to be the preservation of this site. We will continue to work with the developers to try and find alternative solutions to their needs.

The developers Archeologist- Mike Henry is of the same opinion as the developers – move the graves and make way for the future. It would seem to be an awkward opinion and not one that you would expect from such a professional.


Should you have an opinion for us, please share it with Shaune or myself before the next meeting in July, 2006