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Woody's Announcement (This is not simple, Woody!)

A select few already know, but most of you don't... Shelly and I got engaged on Friday night. To spare us telling the story in its entirety, here is the abbreviated version. Shelly's birthday is this coming Thursday, and I had let her know to expect a surprise somewhere around her birthday. On Friday morning, Shelly left for work, to find an envelope number 1 on the seat of her car. The not inside detailed the format for the day... She was to receive several numbered envelopes throughout the day, explaining what to do, or where to go next. So, the first one described how time was of the essence, and that she had to be home from work by 4:30 for the plan to go off. When she arrived home that night, envelope #2 was cunningly taped to the front door with hockey tape (good ol' Canadian Boy... While I was at it, I also taped my sticks). This letter described that she had to get her hair and makeup ready as soon as possible. The attire for the evening was formal wear, but she didn't have to put on her dress right then, only bring it with her. At 5:00, she was to look outside for a surprise. A stretch limo pulled up at 5:00, and Shelly was off to her next destination. In a perfect world, the limo driver wouldn't have screwed up, and actually would have given Shelly note #3 before she got into the car. However, he didn't and she ended up getting it later on. Th jist of note #3 was that she was on her way to a 5:30 appointment to get a relaxing massage. I had left money in the envelope to pay, and she was just to sit back and relax. So, after that, they came back to our place to pick me up. We got into the car, and I handed Shelly note #4. While she read it I poured us some wine, which I had dropped off to the limo company earlier that day. This note let her know that we were on route to Jonathon's (a swanky restaurant in Oakville). At this point, Shelly thought that everything was out of the bag and that this was the end of surprises for her birthday. However, I had arranged for note #5 to arrive with our wine order at dinner. This note came as planned, and Shelly started to read it. As she did, she began to understand what was going on... By the end of the letter, I had taken a knee with ring in hand... She looked up and I popped the question. After some convincing and several diagrams, she said yes and the rest is as we say history. Since I don't have email addresses for everybody that I would like to tell, please feel free to forward this to anyone that would want to know about this. We do not have a date as of yet, but our preliminary notions are next May or June. Keep your ears to the ground for the next bit of news!